What is AGDB?2022-05-09T21:12:25+10:00

AGDB is a Free Searchable Database for Developers to list their games on that is currently in development.

We are currently focusing on Amare, Indie Otome, Indie Visual Novels, and Interactive Fiction Games with Romance and Relationship Elements.

What games are suitable for AGDB?2022-10-10T19:05:30+11:00

Is it indie?

“An independent video game or indie game is a video game typically created by individuals or smaller development teams without the financial and technical support of a large game publisher” – Wikipedia 2021

What is an Amare game?

To me, Amare is a subgenre that focuses on story-rich romantic narratives in both visual novel and interactive fiction form. Although “traditional” romance is a big part of Amare, romance is evolving to include a whole range of relationships and Amare is an inclusive term to support that. As such we welcome games that feature Platonic Love.

What type of protagonist does the game have?

  • Games with gender-locked male protagonists are not included in this database. You can find them at the Visual Novel Database or the Rainbow Otome Database *Please see note*
  • Games featuring a gender-locked female protagonist are welcome.
  • Games featuring the option to have a choosable gender pronoun protagonist are welcome.
  • Games with gender-neutral or trans protagonists are welcome.

What type of love interests does the game feature?

  • Games that feature male-only love interests are welcome.
  • Games featuring LGBTQIA+ love interests are welcome
  • Games featuring platonic love interests are welcome.
  • Games with female-only love interests are accepted if they do not conflict with other conditions.

Can the game have Sexual Content?

Games with sexual content are welcome as long as we believe the characters are not objectified or de-humanised.

I submitted a game but it got rejected?

  • We consider Bishoujo and Galge Games not to be within the spirit of the database and as such are not accepted.
  • If we feel a game does not meet the above criteria then we reserve the right to refuse or remove a game’s submission.
  • If we have received feedback that a game shows heavy similarities(Plagiarism) to other developers’ and artists’ work we reserve the right to refuse or remove a submission.
  • If the content of the game is deemed questionable such as instances of hate speech, fetishisation of sexuality, or gender, then we reserve the right to refuse or remove a game’s submission.
  • We reserve the right to remove or refuse any game on the grounds we find it unsuitable for this site.

*NOTE – All these rules are to be taken with a grain of salt and are subject to modification during special circumstances as we all know CONTEXT is king.

Spice Rating Levels Explained2022-11-23T21:52:29+11:00
Level 0 Spice Rating

Level 0 – Games that feature kissing only and no sex implied or otherwise. (Very light innuendo only).

Level 1 Spice Rating

Level 1 – Games that feature heavy kissing and moderate to heavy innuendo, but no sex (even implied).

Level 2 Steam Rating

Level 2 – Games that feature heavy kissing and implied sex but nothing graphic in descriptions or visuals. And sex is all “Off Screen/Fade to Black/Closed door”.

Level 3 Spice Rating

Level 3 – Games that feature Love Scenes without explicit visuals or descriptions. The language used is vague and focused more on emotional descriptions rather than the mechanics of the act.

Level 4 Steam Rating

Level 4 – Games that feature Love Scenes with explicit descriptions or visuals with some nudity but no depictions of actual penetration.

Level 5 Spice Rating

Level 5 – Games that feature Love Scenes with explicit descriptions or visuals with some nudity and depictions of actual penetration.
Games that feature Touch Mechanics, options to control the love scenes, depictions of Kinks or fetishes also go in this section.

Will the site always be free?2022-05-09T20:58:46+10:00

Yes! I have no desire to ever charge developers to list their games or for users to search the database.

I am however paying for all the site costs out of my own pocket.

So in the future, if costs do rise. I may have Sidebar Ads, Affiliate links or something along those lines to help pay for those. But any paid content will be clearly marked!

I do have a Ko-Fi for those interested in donating towards those costs.

How many people work on the site?2022-05-09T20:58:42+10:00

Just me – Hello waves

That being said, I have had a lot of feedback from developers and players along the way with has been super helpful.

Special Mention to

Esh from – https://steamberrystudio.tumblr.com/

Rook from – https://pdrrook.tumblr.com/

For always answering all my questions and being a great sounding board for me during development.

Who can submit games?2022-11-27T18:41:04+11:00

At the moment only I or developers will be able to submit their own games.

The site is currently in the collection phase – Developers please click the image below to register your games and info!

Developers if your game is listed on the website and you wish to have it removed please contact me at [email protected]

The Developer Submission Form
How come I can’t find *Insert Name* Game?2022-05-09T20:58:34+10:00

There could be a few reasons.

  • As AGDB is still new not all developer’s know about us and may not be aware of the database.
  • The game is currently in the process of being added to the database.
  • The developers have chosen not to list their game on AGDB. Those games are listed below in the Exclusion List.

Exclusion list

If a game/developer you know is on this list please do not contact them about being added.

This is a decision they have chosen to make at this point in time, so please be respectful of that.