When Stars Collide

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Game Description

A visual novel that explores a fantastical approach to space travel and the development of cultures in a space-faring galaxy. As a member of a race long thought to have vanished, join a crew of scientists exploring the big empty and the secrets deep space holds. Find love as you try to escape a destiny planned out for you by others and eek out a new place for yourself in a galaxy that nearly left you behind during your time in longterm stasis.

The final game is planned to contain 10 -15 hours of content. As you follow the MC on their journey, pursue one of five love interests in a floating storyline that focuses on exploring different character scenarios across a single, cohesive plot.

Story Synopsis

On a run-of-the-mill exploration and mining mission of a stellar-mass black hole, the crew of The Ophelia find a mysterious, glowing cube they discover holds a Psion - a member of a race of highly advanced telepaths that crossed the galactic boundary long ago in search of new worlds.

After awakening, and with nowhere else to go, the Psion joins their crew only to become the target of those seeking their near mythical homeworld, Veleia, and the technology it holds. Unwilling to fulfil a duty foretold by her father, the Psion is determined to never awaken the sleeping homeworld of her people.

But as her presence becomes known to others it may be impossible to ignore the burden of her father's prescience. The crew of The Ophelia find themselves caught in a struggle between ancient powers and newer factions eager to get rich from Rydea's tech.