Choice Coding Examples

Hello Everyone!

Recently I made some example pictures of coding choices in different IF Programs.

I wanted to do this to show people how very similar they actually all are.

The formula is pretty easy. 3 choices leading to 3 separate sections. I haven’t added any variables to these yet. (Variables are like setting the MC’s Eye colour or adding +10 Charming)


First picture is the first “box” with the choices

Second is so you can see how they link




The first is the coded choice.

The second is how it appears once picked


As you can see by the examples the layout is actually pretty similar on all the programs.

  • List the choice.
  • List where it links too.
  • The linked choice

So if you can code one style, You can probably code in any of them so it’s really about what you prefer and what program is gonna give you the features you want.

Hope this helps to clear up any confusion about the programs.

Thanks for reading!